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If you come to counseling, I offer you a safe place, free of expectations and judgments where you can explore any issues you are dealing with.


Perhaps you're feeling stuck and don’t know what to do? Maybe there's an issue with your job, your children, your partner, or another relationship that's important to you. Or maybe you're trying to deal with a problem that feels like it has a root cause in your past, or with high anxiety about the future.

By exploring these issues with a counselor, you can develop greater self-awareness, learn to identify unhelpful underlying beliefs and behavior patterns, and discover new strategies that help you communicate and cope better. 

With time you are likely to notice improvements, but there is no fixed period of "treatment". You can come to counseling as a one-off intervention for a particular issue (e.g. to prepare for a difficult conversation), or on a regular basis, over a longer period of time, to work on bigger issues.


As a counselor, I specialize in helping people with issues related to:

  • communication (family and workplace-related)

  • relationships / marriage counseling

  • self-esteem

  • perfectionism

  • improving self-care and building resilience

  • anxiety

  • anger management




Mental health issues can have a range of causes. Sometimes they are bio-chemical and can require medication, sometimes they are triggered by our surroundings and show us we need to change how or where we live our lives. Other times, the issues we face are linked to unhelpful ways we have of thinking about the past, present, and future.

While in some forms of psychotherapy it's usual to work together to understand the root causes of an issue you may be facing, many people prefer to focus on finding constructive ways to move forward. This often involves learning to regulate your emotions, deal with frustrations and conflicts more constructively, and improve personal resilience and self-esteem, among other things.


As an integrative therapist, I find a flexible approach helpful - we are all unique and our individual problems tend to require individual solutions. Either way, these processes require the direct support of a mental health professional - at least for a while.

If you would like to find out more, contact me for a free 20 min telephone or Skype consultation. We can discuss your situation, and see what options are likely to be helpful.












Fees & payment
I run a private practice and do not work with the "gesetzliche Krankenkassen". Some private and supplementary insurance policies will cover part a proportion of the fees. To be sure you will need to contact them directly.


Individual psychotherapy:

EUR 110,- @ 50 minutes (online / Schmitten)

EUR 125,- @ 50 minutes (Frankfurt)

​Payments can be made in cash, bank transfer, or Paypal.

Important information to note if you want your private insurance to cover the costs:

Many private and supplementary health insurance policies require a"Konsilliarbericht" (doctor's report) from your family practitioner before they agree to cover any treatment costs.

Why do I need a "Konsilliarbericht" (doctor's report)?

A Konsilliarbericht is important because many psychological difficulties can be caused by medical issues. As care of duty towards our clients, mental health professionals in Germany such as Psychotherapeuten and Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie are required to ask clients for this doctor's report in order to ensure the treatment we provide is appropriate.


How does the psychotherapy process work?

Under German law, no particular formalities are required before the end of the first 5 sessions (so-called Probatorischen Sitzungen). This period gives you the chance to get to know me and how I work, and to decide if you feel we are a good fit. It also gives us time to look more deeply into your personal situation and discuss possible courses of treatment.

Afterward, you will need to get the "Konsilliarbericht" (doctor's report) mentioned above from your family practitioner. This provides a formal medical diagnosis (e.g. depression or anxiety) and confirms there are no contraindications (medical reasons why you should not begin psychotherapy).

​Cancellations policy

I understand there may be circumstances where you are unable to attend an arranged session. If you do need to cancel please remember the following:

  • Sessions can be canceled by phone or email.

  • Sessions canceled with more than 72 business hours notice will not be charged.

  • Sessions canceled with less than 72 business hours notice will be charged at the normal fee.

Psychologist Session
Therapy Session
Therapy Session


Working with Lyra helped me to believe in myself again. At one point I thought I'd never find a way through my problems, but looking back I see how the way I used to think about stuff was a big part of the problem. Sometimes the old patterns come back, but now I can recognize them and act before it gets bad again.  

A. J. Frankfurt

"My relationship with my family has improved. Now I understand the negative communication traps we used to fall into and I'm way better at avoiding them these days. I've learned to say what I want, and what I need in a way I feel comfortable with. It's really made a difference to our family life. Thank you!"

D.B., London

"Great intuition! Always supportive and encouraging. I always had an increase of energy level after my sessions, which very often lasted the whole day. I feel that you can hear over the phone how people feel. I always felt that you were with me and that the time was just for me. It was a great feeling. THANK YOU!"

T. M., Taunus


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